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"Irina and True Health’s support and treatment during my fertility treatment was amazing.  Finding out that I might not be able to have children naturally was a tragic moment for me and my partner and NHS diagnosis and treatment was a slow and frustrating process.  However when acupuncture was suggested (and Irina recommended to me) I was sceptical but willing to give anything a try for the chance of a baby.  I was immediately reassured and relieved on meeting Irina.  She paid exceptional attention to detail and not only offered a sensitive treatment but her advice on fertility wellbeing, lifestyle and how to navigate the NHS fertility processes was invaluable. 

I finally felt we were making process and managed to see results and changes to my health.  The acupuncture is the only treatment during a 5 year infertility examination that seems to have had a positive affect on my ability on conceive.  When I finally did conceive, I am convinced that my pre and during pregnancy care helped ensure that I had an entirely trouble free pregnancy.  The acupressure advice for labour helped me manage to get to 6cm without any form of pain relief.  Now I have a wonderful baby daughter without any need for IVF and am very grateful to Irina for her support during this time."

Mum to a newborn baby girl


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you have done for me.

Firstly, for the treatments that I am convinced helped me to fall pregnant so quickly after so many years of disappointment and the support you continually gave me throughout my pregnancy when I was so fearful of having yet another ectopic. I genuinely felt reassured by you and your continued efforts, always going the extra mile, researching and passing on the latest information about any issues I had.

Secondly, big thanks for the subsequent treatments I have received since [name blanked out for confidentiality reasons] came along! They have made such a difference to my energy levels and ability to cope with any stress, it is amazing how powerful acupuncture can be.

I feel very lucky that of all the practitioners out there I chose such a dedicated, empathic, all round lovely person to treat me. Your knowledge is second to none and you are so committed to helping people Irina and the proof is in the pudding as they say!!

If I can ever help you by sharing my experience with others I would be more than happy to do so and would recommend you to any one without any hesitation."



"After needing IVF due to my husband’s previous vasectomy, I am totally convinced that not only did acupuncture contribute greatly to giving us our beautiful twin boys, but also kept me sane during the 6 cycles and over 2 years of trying. In that time, I had specific problems with ohss, (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) and a too thin womb lining. I was treated successfully for both of these conditions with acupuncture. However, in addition to the benefits of making me calmer and those others mentioned above, the compassion, sensitive understanding and care I received at the Godmanchester Osteopathic and Acupuncture Practice will always be remembered and I would wholeheartedly recommend acupuncture, and specifically this practice to anyone undergoing IVF treatment."

Mum of 5 months old twin boys


"Dear Irina - I wanted to wish you a Happy New year and also to express my sincere gratitude for the help you have given me since you started treating me. I firmly believe that it was your knowledge, expertise and support that helped Darren and I conceive this much wanted baby and for this I thank you.

I also wanted to let you know that I cannot currently afford to keep seeing you every week as I am no longer working but if something occurs during this pregnancy that requires treatment from you then I will be back like a shot. Everything is going well, my spotting has stopped completely and have no early pregnancy symptoms…

I talked to my friend about my wonderful experience with you, and that within one session you knew more about me than all the doctors I have ever met, and she is eager to try acupuncture - she may even travel to see you from London for her first initial appointments until you can recommend someone more locally to her. I am desperate to ensure she has a good experience with this - just like I did with you and wondered if you might be able to suggest something.

I will never forget the impact you have made on my health, my grief and my ability to look to the future with positivity and happiness."



"My husband and I had tried unsuccessfully to conceive for 5 years. I had tried many suggestions to improve the possibility of conception but to no avail. One of the doctors that was part of the referral for us to be on the IVF programme was an advocate of acupuncture and so the golden pathway was paved. The GP treated me for a period of 3 months but knew that an acupuncturist with a fertility specialism was necessary to ensure success with IVF.

When I began my treatment with Irina at Godmanchester Osteopathic and Acupuncture Practice I was beginning the IVF process the following week. The acupuncture was fantastic for ensuring calmness, during a stressful time and beginning to ensure my body was in the best working order. Unfortunately the first IVF treatment was unsuccessful but rest assured this was no reflection on the use of acupuncture. The acupuncture treatment continued because of the emotional support, dietary advice and constant monitoring to ensure optimum fertility.

Within 6 months of working with Irina, following the suggested diet and regular appointments what I thought was the impossible was achieved - I became pregnant, and not during an IVF cycle either!

I would like to recommend acupuncture and Irina as a fantastic practitioner that I would recommend working with and providing a service that has resulted in a couples immense happiness."

Hazel and baby Maaya


"After 4 years trying for a baby with no success, we gained a place on the NHS waiting list for IVF. We decided to give ourselves the best possible chance and after lots of research, read that acupuncture could increase the success rates. I found the whole idea of infertility the hardest thing I had ever experienced as very few people understand the emotions you go through.

I started having acupuncture, and not only did it regulate my cycle, but I at last felt someone was supporting us through it. Irina helped us with temperature charting, diet, exercise and explained about what supplements we should take to increase our chances.

We took all her advice and in January 2006 we started our 'get healthy' campaign ready for the IVF. Irina advised me on what to eat, what not to eat and gave me acupuncture at the same time. One month before our IVF was due to start we discovered I was pregnant!! No drugs, no IVF, just acupuncture and a good diet.

Not only does Irina understand everything there is to understand about acupuncture but she listens to you. She never rushes you out the door or looks at her watch when you're with her.

I truly believe that without Irina, our beautiful daughter would not be here today."

Mum to 5 months old baby girl


"Following a referral from a friend, who Irina helped get pregnant, I decided to give acupuncture a go to help me in getting pregnant, having had a miscarriage. A found Irina and staff at the Huntingdon practice to be very friendly and professional. During the months of trying to get pregnant and after successfully falling pregnant, Irina would explain which needles would be used, where and why. Having been uncomfortable with needles, she made me feel very relaxed. Irina was very supportive, taking my charts and analysing them and helping me work out the 'best times' for conception. (Which also made it easier for my hubby!!). I also used acupuncture to support with stress and also my sleep issues.

I still believe that if it was not for Irina and acupuncture I would still be trying for a baby. The whole process helped me learn more about my body when it comes to planning on getting pregnant. Should we decide to try for another one, I will be contacting Irina again. I have spread the word at NCT classes and coffee mornings about Irina and how helpful acupuncture is and if anyone is having difficulties then contact Irina."



"Having been treated for infertility at the practise we have finally achieved our dream of having a family. The treatment we received was not only professional, but also very personable. I was always able to ask questions and received additional advise on things I could do to support each stage of the IVF process. I really feel receiving acupuncture helped me both mentally and physically and would absolutely recommend it to anyone starting out on the infertility journey."

Mum to twins


Irina treated me during two IVF/ICSI cycles using a holistic approach.  Alongside the acupuncture, she was able to give practical advice and recommendations on many related areas such as nutrition, supplementation, underlying fertility issues and diagnostic testing.  Right from the beginning, Irina impressed me with her extensive knowledge of fertility and IVF – from a mainstream medical perspective, as well as the complementary therapeutic approaches.  She was very aware of the latest scientific research and was often able to provide a relevant study from one of the prominent medical journals to support her recommendations or help my understanding of a topic.  The knowledge that Irina shared helped me to take control of each step in the process, and her familiarity with a variety of clinics, approaches and protocols gave me a wider and more informed view of the options.


Although IVF/ICSI did not ultimately resolve our fertility issues, I felt that Irina really went the extra mile to maximise our chances of success and help us navigate through the choices we faced.  The acupuncture and advice were always delivered with a good balance of professionalism and empathy, and I learned more from Irina about IVF and factors contributing to infertility than I did from my clinic



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Please note, acupuncture can not "cure" infertility. However, it may improve physiological and biological functioning of the body, which in turn may help to improve fertility.



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